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Wauchope Show Society LTD.

Like all Show Societies throughout Australia, the members of the Wauchope Show Society Committee, its directors, stewards, life members and other community members work tirelessly to present events at the Wauchope Showground

 These members present a traditional, yet modern showground that is well maintained and is the pride of the local and extended community.

Our continued gratitude goes to them and past members, without whom, the Wauchope Show, the Wauchope Showground and many other monthly and annual events held at the Wauchope Showground would not be as successful as they are.

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Mr Robert (Bob) Kennett -President

Mr Neil Coombes - Vice President

Mr Paul Hoole - Vice President

Mrs Justine Jeffery- Secretary/Treasurer

Mr Alf Denning - Director

Mr Andrew Carroll - Director

Mr Brett Jeffery - Director

Mr Colin Coombes - Director

Mr David Crofts - Director

Mrs Patricia Douglas - Director

Ms Wendy Gibbs - Director

Miss Crystal Hearn - Director

Mr Darryl Hosking - Director

Mr Graham Kennett - Director

Mr Ian Lindsay - Director

Ms Jennifer Markham - Director

Mr Jeffery Noakes - Director

Mrs Leanne Parker - Director

Mrs Robyn Schneider - Director

Mrs Maree Stubbs - Director

Ms Michelle Tout - Director

            Mr Lindsay Bird 


            Mrs Pat Bird      


            Mrs Margaret Dark


            Mrs Patricia Douglas      


            Mr A J Fowler    

            Mrs Leila Freeman


            Mrs Kath Goodwin


            Mr John Graham


            Mr Darryl Hosking


            Mr Robert Kennett


            Mr Ian Lindsay   

            Mr Trevor Lindsay           


            Mr Jeffrey Noakes


            Mrs Lorna Phillips


            Mrs Margaret Potts


            Mr Joe Redman 

            Mrs Janette Roods


            Mr Hilton Stubbs


            Mrs Hazel Warwick


            Mr Viv Watts


Life Members

FRIDAY 25th APRIL                                                            

8.00 am               HORSE EVENTS BEGIN                                                            

9.00 am               DAIRY CATTLE JUDGING                                                       

9.00 am               PAVILION OPENS                                                                    

10.00 am             TRADE & FOOD STALLS OPEN                                             

10.00 am             AMUSEMENT RIDES OPEN                                                    

11.00 am             ANZAC DAY SERVICE                                                             

1.30 pm               PARADE OF CATTLE & HORSES

3.30 pm               CAMPDRAFT Followed by WORKING DOG TRIALS            

5.00 pm               TROTTING                                                                                 

5.30 pm               FARMERS CHALLENGE                                                           

6.00 pm               HIGHVELOCITY TRICK RIDERS                                             

7.00 pm               TROTTING

7.30 pm               FARMERS CHALLENCE

8.30 pm               FIREWORKS


8.00 am               HORSE EVENTS BEGIN

8.00 am               BEEF JUDGINGS BEGINS

9.00am                POULTRY JUDGING

9.00am                PAVILION OPENS

9.00 am               TRADE & FOOD STALLS OPEN

10.00 am             DAIRY GOAT JUDGING

10.00 am             AMUSEMENT RIDES OPEN

11.00 am             TROTTING

11.00 am             WOODCHOPPING BEGINS

2.30 pm               GRAND PARADE & OFFICIAL OPENING Followed by the announcement of THE 2014 SHOWGIRL WINNER &  THE LOGO DESIGN COMPETITION WINNER

5.00 pm               SIX-BAR SHOWJUMPING

6.00pm                HIGHVELOCITY TRICK RIDERS

6.30 pm               FARMERS CHALLENGE

8.00 pm               DEMOLITION DERBY


104th Wauchope Show


Friday 25th & Saturday 26th April 2014

Admission Prices;

Adults:                                      $14.00

Chuld (U16yrs)/Aged Pensioner    $7.00

Group (2A & 3C)                         $30.00

2 Day Pass (2A 3C)                    $40.00**

$30 Ride Tickets for                    $25.00**

**ONLY Available from the show office between 2nd and 24th April